There’s no rush

by Kat B.

“…I can assure you that there truly is wisdom in having some patience and fortitude. There is freedom to be found in letting go of our rigid, premature expectations. If only we could stop jumping up and down, and not try to drive square pegs into round holes. If only we could refrain from peeking at the cards of others, before they lay them out on the table, or quit tampering with the unripe fruit of our destiny. If only we could relinquish our unyielding ideas of how things must be, and how quickly they must come to pass. If we could just cut loose and surrender to the boundless possibilities that awaits us. If we could just kick our heels up and run spontaneously wild with the mysteries of life. If only we had some patience in a bottle… how smooth the ride would be!” -Anthon St. Maarten